GLOW will make your fundraising the absolute best it has ever been.

Want your patrons to come back next year? Then give them First-Class entertainment which is unique, amazing, exciting, and fun. GLOW will be the best cover band your patrons have ever heard – bar none. 

See for yourself – listen to some of the LIVE audio tracks and watch Glow’s video.  Hire Glow and you will receive a stream of positive comments for weeks. No question about it.

GLOW is the perfect choice for fundraisers:

  • Long record of success. GLOW has a proven track record.
  • Performers are charismatic, energetic, very entertaining and lots of FUN.
  • Able to engage diverse audiences
  • Huge repertoire of songs – something for every musical persuasion – from oldies to current hits.
  • Three phenomenal front singers will keep your guests mesmerized! 
  • Professional on and off stage.
  • Theatrical lighting – real WOW factor.
  • GLOW is very popular and will promote your fundraising event to its extensive email list.

GLOW also provides an amazing, Digital Surround System which provides CD quality sound regardless of volume. Your patrons will be able to “hear the words”, distinguish the notes, feel the bass, and still carry on a conversation.

Click music player below for a quick collection of song clips.

Consider a Show – and a dance!

Some patrons want to dance while others simply want to watch an entertaining show. Why not give them BOTH?

Glow has developed the perfect solution, a combination Show and Dance. Basically, we perform one of our 90 minute shows, such as “Experience the Eagles.”  After a quick costume change, GLOW comes back and plays a set of non-stop dance music. Your patrons will have more fun than they’ve had in years. Everyone is delighted.

Please click here and take a closer look at GLOW show.