GLOW is absolutely perfect for Corporate Events

The types of entertainment required for corporate events are unique to each situation. Glow offers various entertainment solutions to match the need. By example, corporate parties which include spouses will most likely involve dance music, whereas a convention opening ceremony may require a short, entertaining, musical show between dinner and awards.

A corporate event planner’s dream, GLOW is a one-stop solution with an array of entertainment options including:

  • 30 and 45 minute “mini” musical shows, featuring exceptional vocals, harmony, light humor and fun.
  • 90 minute shows which pay tribute to a genre or band. Excellent option for after dinner entertainment.
  • Full, fun evening with 2 to 3 sets of dance music with various “specials” sprinkled throughout the evening.
  • A combination of holiday music and dancing.
  • Combination musical show followed by dance set.

GLOW is highly professional and appreciates the corporate environment, etiquette and is responsive to the event planning staff. Sound system is state-of-the-art which assures exceptional, clean, clear vocals and music at lower volume levels. Performances are energetic, fun, engaging and family friendly.

Whether you are entertaining customers or employees, GLOW is the perfect band for your corporate events. Book your date soon.